Wrestling with God pt 2

Fought during the night

Lets be honest and I promise not to put in a request to take your man card, but there was a time you were scared of the dark. Yea me too, a time when I had to leave the door cracked to let some light into my room during the night and then last night Kelly got up and closed the door, I was scared but I made it through. Seriously though the dark has this ability to remain creepy. Well today I want to share my second point from Sunday’s message Wrestling with God, ‘Fought during the night.’
Lets make sure it is well known that Jacob fought during the night. Picture this, Jacob who has heard from God about Bethel being the promised land, worried silly over Esau coming after him. He even split his entourage up into two groups saying if Esau attacked one, at least the other could get away. Even more Jacob was waiting till morning to cross the river possibly to wait and see how things go down and then the bell rings and before he knows it he is in an arm bar trying not to tap out.
The night brought an obstacle that we didn’t see in the physical but the spiritual light of this was uncertainty. In the dark there was uncertainty of who Jacob was wrestling, he asked for a name, begged for a blessing and wouldn’t let go until he had something. The idea that Jacob chose to stay back through the night and ended up wrestling for a blessing shows that it was worth it, the outcome was worth the fight.
We might be standing on the threshold of God’s promises and all we feel is uncertainty, it seems dark, we are not sure what our next step is and we are afraid of the fight. It’s our time to stand on our faith and regardless of the impending wrestling match and the uncertainties of life. Today lets stop waiting on day break and understanding and grab a hold of the uncertainty and wrestle until the blessing happens and we cross over into the promised land.
Tomorrow’s point, What’s your name?

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